Cooking in the Toll House

21 Jul 2016 - 11:00 AM

Avoncroft Museum of Buildings

Cooking from a time when it was not quite as controllable as it is today

Cooking in the Toll House – The Toll House & Milling at the Windmill

Once upon a time, cooking was not quite as controllable as it is today. Come and try your hand at the art of cooking in our Toll House and learn some of the history surrounding the lives of the toll house keepers.

Once again, the Avoncroft Windmill is sailing and milling grain. Hear about the fascinating history of our very own working windmill and how it is once again producing top of the range ‘stoneground flour’.

Adult – £8.80*

Senior – £7.70*

Student – £4.50

Tickets can be bought from the reception desk in the Museum Shop when you arrive. *The prices above include a voluntary gift aid amount; please gift aid your entrance fee if you are able, it helps us continue the valuable work at Avoncroft Museum.

For further information got to or call 01527 831363

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