Willow weaving taster session

30 Jun 2016 - 11:00 AM

Avoncroft Museum of Buildings

Try your hand at making a simple willow item

Weaving willow – Cholstrey Threshing Barn & Medieval Gardens – The Town House

Try your hand at making a simple willow item, following in the footsteps of millennia of country folk who made use of the natural resources that surrounded them. Materials from the woods were harvested, stored and used throughout the year for a very wide range of everyday articles.

Many houses will have had gardens to supply herbs and vegetables for the family. Learn about the planning, planting and building of medieval gardens as we develop our very own woven, hazel fenced garden.

Adult – £8.80*

Senior – £7.70*

Student – £4.50

Tickets can be bought from the reception desk in the Museum Shop when you arrive. *The prices above include a voluntary gift aid amount; please gift aid your entrance fee if you are able, it helps us continue the valuable work at Avoncroft Museum.

For more information go to http://www.avoncroft.org.uk/learning/lifelong-learning/  or call 01527 831363

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