Festive Classics presents Michael Lunts

30 Jun 2021 - 12:00 PM

Avoncroft Museum, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. B60 4JR

 A confection of deliciously witty comedy songs

'Quirkish Delight'  -  Actor/singer and pianist Michael Lunts  -  Returning for his sixth time - always to full audiences - Michael serves up for your delectation a confection of deliciously witty comedy songs.  The entertainment is timeless, quintessential musical cabaret, drawing on the very finest comedy songs in the English language, from both sides of the Atlantic, from Tom Lehrer to Noël Coward, Cole Porter to Flanders and Swann.  To mark VE Day, Michael will include some of the comedy songs made famous by ENSA, the wartime entertainment troupe, who spent the war 'fighting for a laugh', while keeping up the spirits of a country fighting for its survival.
In advance of the day, a concert programme pdf will be available at www.festiveclassics.co.uk  for download but  not at Avoncroft

Avoncroft is hoping to be able to open the adjacent Tea Room to sell tea, coffee and light snacks.

As the coronavirus pandemic caused all the 'Music at Lunchtime' events for 2020 to be cancelled,
we are reinstating the concerts for 2021 and a Risk Assessment has been undertaken to ensure the concerts are conducted in a safe manner.
Major safety points are:

  • Socially-distanced seating for the audience will be laid out.
  • Doors will be open at each end of the hall to ensure air is flowing.
  • Lunches and/or drinks will not be provided, as social distancing at tables would be impractical. *
  • To avoid personal contact, tickets will only be available in advance, and not on the door.

Concert programmes will be available by download before each concert, but not at Avoncroft. 

 Avoncroft is hoping to be able to open the adjacent Tea Room to sell tea, coffee and light snacks.

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